About Us

Babaganewz is the first Jewish educators open marketplace educators to buy, sell, and share their original resources.

Babaganewz helps educators to teach and provides a community where teachers succeed.

We believe that real teachers create the most relevant and engaging educational resources.  The Babaganewz open marketplace model will promote resource quality and availability.

Bringing Jewish educators together to share their resources creates a powerful network of educators who share the same values, best practices, and compensates our best curriculum developers.


Membership account levels:

Basic Member: if you just want to buy or download products on Babaganewz, sign up for a free Basic Membership account.  You'll be able to download and/or purchase from any author.

Lesson Author Accounts: If you would like to create products for free or to sell on Babaganewz, there are two types of accounts.

- Free Lesson Author Membership account is free and you can create lessons as free downloads.

- Paid Lesson Author Membership accounts can create lessons to sell and earn a 70% royalty rate.